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Benefits Management

Benefits Management

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Providing for Your Staff’s Health and Future

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HR professionals must balance the cost and quality of employee benefits. It’s critical that you offer your employees adequate health insurance, but the cost associated with purchase and administration can be overwhelming. One of the services TPG HR Services USA provides is benefits management analysis that can help you save money while meeting your employees’ needs.

Applicants commonly list health insurance among their top criteria for applying for and accepting positions. In order to effectively position your organization as a company of choice for employees, your business needs to offer attractive benefit options to incoming applicants. We can help you research the best plans for your organization and even help you negotiate for the best rates. Once you have your desired healthcare plan firmly in place, we will help you manage the paperwork and administer coverage to your employees.

Our Benefits Management Services Include:

  • Plan research and negotiation
  • Employee eligibility tracking
  • Assistance with open-enrollment periods
  • Liaising between employees and insurance companies
  • Managing policy cancellations
  • COBRA administration
  • Retirement benefits assistance
  • HSA and HRA plans guidance

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Affordable Care Act Guidance

It’s hard not to be perplexed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Whether you agree with it or not, the ACA has created a difficult and unclear maze of legislative reform that employers must maneuver through. We do our best to navigate these changes by consulting with lawyers and updating our knowledge through seminars on the topic.

We aim to help you stay compliant, avoid penalization and continue to provide your staff with quality coverage.

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