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HR Call Center

HR Call Center

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Answer employee inquiries promptly and completely

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Responding to employee questions and concerns is an important HR role, and having access to a dedicated HR call center for your business can greatly improve your speed and accuracy in completing this task. However, most companies, particularly those on the smaller end of the spectrum, don’t have the resources or the personnel to set up this kind of operation in-house. Fortunately, you don’t have to. By partnering with TPG HR Services, you can gain all of the benefits of having an in-house HR call center without having to devote precious HR staff or significant overhead to its creation. You can leverage the expertise and resources of TPG’s team of experienced HR professionals to have an “on-call” staff that is always at your disposal to provide factual information and a reassuring presence to any of your employees who need it – at the moment they need it.

Serving an Employee’s Need to Know

Your company can provide your employees with a fantastic array of benefits, compensation, services, and support, but – if employees are unaware of these perks or confused about how to access them – they lose a large part of their value and usefulness. That’s why having access to an HR call center can be so valuable to any organization; it gives your employees immediate access to critical information or services, without straining the resources of your internal HR team. Also, by keeping employees “in the loop” about what your company provides to them, an HR call center can enhance retention of essential employees and improve the morale and productivity of your workforce. In business you never want a workforce issue or problem to fester while being unattended, and an HR call center can ensure that employees get their needs addressed as quickly and completely as possible. Don’t let an information vacuum suck the energy and passion out of your workforce when the highly-skilled HR professionals at TPG HR Services stand ready to help.


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HR Call Centers can help Triage Issues

Although an HR call center can’t answer every question or solve every issue immediately, what it can do very effectively is “triage” HR issues on the basis of how critical or urgent they are to the health of your workforce and the company itself. By having an experienced team of HR professionals as your “frontline responders” to employee inquiries, they will have the expertise to quickly determine which issues can be resolved by them over the phone and which need to be “moved upstairs” to other professionals in the organization, including the top leadership if necessary. This ensures that your company’s leadership team is always quickly made aware of critical issues that could potentially impact their bottom line, without being overwhelmed with minutiae that could distract them from their mission-critical duties. When you partner with TPG HR Services to establish an HR call center for your business, you can rely on our judgement, forged through decades of HR experience, to ensure that all of the calls we respond to will be triaged appropriately and efficiently for the benefit of your organization’s long-term success.

Why an Outside Voice on the Line can be Beneficial

In addition to the many other benefits of partnering with an external resource like TPG HR Services to serve as your HR call center, we can provide an added benefit that you can never achieve with a completely in-house solution: independence and anonymity. By having TPG HR Services operate your HR call center, employees may feel more comfortable discussing potentially sensitive issues such as those related to compliance or suspected unethical or illegal activity. This level of comfort benefits everyone in the long run by uncovering issues that might have otherwise gone unaddressed if employees felt hesitant discussing them with in-house personnel. And, from our experience working with many companies over the years, it is these very “difficult” issues that often snowball into devastating and profit-destroying problems if not identified and addressed in the early stages. By partnering with our well-qualified HR team, you can identify and resolve these “ticking time-bombs” before they wreak havoc on your organization’s workforce and bottom line.


Collecting Data to Identify Trends and Potential Problems

A final way that an HR call center, staffed by highly-skilled professionals like those on our team at TPG HR Services, can help your business thrive is by collecting and analyzing data on the type and distribution of calls we receive. From our experience, these kind of quantifiable metrics often reveal important underlying issues – that may have remained unrecognized – that should be addressed at the companies we serve. When we see a “spike” in calls on a particular subject we may determine that employees are not receiving clear information on the topic – or a change in workplace culture or dynamics has occurred that is generating increased concern in a specific area. Other times, we may receive a number of calls regarding a subject that your HR team or company leadership was not even aware was an issue in their workplace. In a variety of different ways our ability to collect, collate and analyze the data of calls to your HR call center gives us the opportunity to identify patterns that may help you in proactively addressing any number of workplace issues before they grow into something larger.

Need help responding quickly and efficiently to your employees’ calls regarding HR services? Connect to TPG HR Services for a professional and cost-effective HR Call Center solution.

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