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Employee Communications

Employee Communications

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Creating a Closer & Collaborative Workforce

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Employee communications help convey critical organizational information to all of your employees, such as a new product launch, company event or new personnel, while making your workforce feel that they’re actively part of the team. Many companies also use employee communications, such as emails and newsletters, to solicit the feedback of their personnel in an effort to modify or improve policy. Employee communications can be thought of as the “glue” that holds workforce teams together, keeping everyone pulling in the same direction in service to your company’s mission. When employee communications are handled well your business will speak with a unified and coherent voice that can go a long way toward driving bottom line success; when handled poorly the results can be disastrous. Even the most well-crafted business strategy is useless if you can’t communicate that vision clearly to your employees.

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TPG HR Services USA is ready to help you develop and implement a comprehensive employee communications strategy to keep you connected to your personnel. We offer a diverse range of media options to help you effectively communicate with your staff, including: email blasts, text messages, newsletters and other print materials.

The Danger of Mixed Messages and Communication Vacuums

One of the biggest complaints of employees at many companies is that they feel “in the dark” about how and why significant decisions are made in the organization. This kind of communication vacuum can have a negative impact on employee morale over time, potentially degrading productivity and leading to losses on the employee retention front as well. Another form of communication breakdown that can spell disaster for organizations is the phenomenon of “mixed messages.” When employees get conflicting direction on what is expected of them and where the company’s priorities are – they can become hesitant to move forward in any direction out of confusion or fear that they will make the “wrong” choice. This can lead to a kind of workforce paralysis that will undermine innovation and creativity among your staff – a recipe for disaster in today’s ever-changing economic environment.

Our sister company, Mary Pomerantz Advertising, can also enhance your employee communications with recruitment advertising services.

Whether you want to generate advertising that reflects your organizational values and successfully integrates your company brand into recruitment campaigns, or if you need guidance on how and where to place your recruitment ads, we can help.

Keeping Your Employees in the Loop

You can utilize mass media to communicate a broad range of company developments

  • Benefits Information
  • Promotions and personnel changes
  • Fundraisers and holiday events
  • Important company-wide meetings
  • Payroll changes
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Employee Bonus Programs
  • Employee Incentive Programs

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We also have a full-service in-house creative team that can help you develop print communication and orientation materials, such as policy and procedure manuals, benefits explanation packets and a variety of other critical employee communications materials.

Value-Added Benefits

When employees are informed of what’s going on in each area of your company, they’re more apt to feel as though they’re part of the team. This leads to an increased sense of camaraderie which will ultimately lead to increased productivity.

A simple and straight-forward employee communications strategy can be a valuable asset in turning your staff into a team.

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