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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

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Expeditious & Thorough Resolution of Workers’ Comp Claims

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For CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners or HR professionals, workers’ compensation is a fundamental part of doing business. Nevertheless, the ins and outs of workers’ compensation can prove difficult to navigate. A backlog of open claims can deal a heavy blow to your company’s financial resources and keep valuable employees on the sidelines longer than they should be.

The Importance of Having Systems in Place

Workers’ compensation is an area of business where it is critical to have established systems in place before an unfortunate workplace accident occurs. Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding workers’ comp, and you need to be intimately aware of what these are for any state in which you have employees. Also, you need to make sure to update your systems and policies as laws and regulations change over time; you never want to get caught “flat-footed” with an outdated system when a workplace injury occurs. Due to the complexity of this area, it almost always pays off to have outside assistance in handling your workers’ comp claims. This approach also ensures that all claims are handled fairly and consistently, letting you avoid any accusations of favoritism or unfairness in the resolution of workers’ comp claims. Even the perception of unfairly resolved claims can poison the attitude and morale of not only the worker involved but other members of your workforce as well. That’s why it pays to have well-designed and consistently implemented systems in place.

TPG HR Services USA offers comprehensive management of all workers’ comp matters, from start to finish. We can communicate with your employees on your behalf through each stage of the process, relieving you of the logistical leg-work.

Additional Services We Offer:

  • Assistance on Selecting Vendors
  • Assistance Negotiating Rates
  • Handling All Documentation and Paperwork
  • Communicating with Appropriate Agencies
  • Safety Program
  • Safety Training Videos

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You have enough to worry about. Let us manage your workers’ compensation matters.

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