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Employee Payrolling

Employee Payrolling


Taking Care of all the Details


Employee payrolling can give your company the best of both worlds: accessing the talent and dedication of a meticulously recruited employee while avoiding the time, expense, and potential legal headaches of being their “employer of record.” If you choose to use our payrolling services TPG HR Services USA will become your employee’s “employer of record” while they work on a day-to-day basis as if they were one of your “regular” employees.

All the Benefits without the Headaches

There are many benefits to employee payrolling through a third party like TPG HR Services USA rather than hiring them directly. Many companies enjoy the flexibility of using a temporary or on-demand workforce, enabling them to quickly adjust to changing market conditions. However, much of employment law and regulations are not written with these sorts of arrangements in mind, making it difficult to properly classify and administer all of the payroll responsibilities for these employees in-house. If you use TPG HR Services USA to provide payrolling services to your organization we can step in and assume all of the employer responsibilities such as government mandated compliance, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, and tax withholding for all of your “payrolled” employees.

The Benefits Employee Payrolling Provides

By providing your company with employee payrolling TPG HR Services USA can save you the administrative costs, burdens and risks of adding to your in-house payroll headcount. We can take care of all of the administrative headaches from the start, allowing your payrolled employees to begin work on your critical projects as quickly as possible.

TPG payrolling services can help you:

  • Control hiring and retention costs
  • Assist existing staff without enlarging it
  • Reduce total in-house employee headcount
  • Maintain involvement in the recruiting process
  • Comply with independent contractor regulations
  • Evaluate employees during a trial period

Employee Payrolling Expertise You Can Trust

TPG HR Services USA has the experience and expertise in employee payrolling that lets you rest easy with your choice of employee payrolling provider. You can count on us to take care of all the responsibilities of being your payrolled employees’ employer of record, so that you can focus on the critical core competencies and areas of competitive advantage that your company possesses.

TPG HR Services USA has the resources to handle all of your employee payrolling needs. Contact us right away to make use of this unique opportunity for breathing flexibility and adaptability into your workforce.


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