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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

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Whatever the size of your company or your HR department (if you have one), no organization has in-house expertise in every area - and that's where HR consulting can be tremendously helpful. At TPG HR Services USA we have a long, successful history of partnering with organizations of all types and sizes to provide specialized HR consulting that streamlines and enhances the productivity of their HR and core business operations. Led by our hands-on CEO Mary Pomerantz who holds a Master's in Human Resource Management (MHRM) and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), our team of senior HR consultants has expertise in a wide range of areas, enabling them to partner with you and deliver high-quality results on virtually any HR consultancy project.

Types of HR Consulting We Can Provide

At TPG HR Services we have helped clients with a diverse array of HR consulting projects over the years, leveraging our extensive expertise and providing a fresh, new perspective on a variety of issues that confront many organizations. The following list is by no means complete, but it does provide a snapshot of some of the ways in which our HR consulting services could assist your organization.


Employee Engagement & Efficiency

The team at TPG HR Services USA has experience designing and conducting surveys and interviews to measure employee engagement levels, identify bottlenecks to productivity, and pinpoint specific areas of strength and weakness within organizations. This data collection and its subsequent analysis can provide you with a fresh perspective on your company's workflow, staffing and morale - and help you devise strategies to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention.


Employee Compensation

In many organizations, employee compensation can begin to run on a type of auto-pilot either through automatic raises and bonuses or due to the distribution of this process across many different departments. That's why it can be extremely helpful to have an outside organization like TPG HR Services come in to conduct a thorough and comprehensive review of your organization's salary and bonus structure based upon industry-wide standards and the performance of key individuals within your company. As part of this process, we can even design and implement a performance review that ensures that every employee's contribution is being evaluated on the same consistent standard.


Employee Benefits

TPG HR Services USA can also help your business by providing HR consulting in the area of employee benefits. Depending on your organization's size, location, industry and any number of other factors - choosing and administering a benefit plan for your employees can be extremely time-confusing and confusing. By working with the HR consulting team at TPG HR Services you can ensure that your benefits plan is competitive in your industry and location and cost-effective in terms of the level of quality that it provides. This is another area where having an outside perspective can be extraordinarily valuable in order to overcome the natural tendency for your staff to want to stick with the plan that they are currently comfortable administering and using, even if other plans might provide better value for the company and its employees.


Employee Relations

From new hire orientation and onboarding to resolving workplace disputes, effective employee relations can be crucial in helping employees feel happy and be productive in their positions at your organization. Yet, it can be difficult to stay on top of all these issues while focusing on your core business priorities. Many of our clients have found it very helpful to have HR consultants from TPG HR Services USA handle employee relations issues to ensure that their employees feel they treated fairly and to potentially identify any areas of systemic concern. As outside HR consultants we can often "see the big picture" more easily than your internal staff and develop systems and strategies to proactively address employee relations issues before they become legal matters or otherwise negatively impact your bottom line.


Mergers and Acquisitions

During the often chaotic period before, during and after a merger or acquisition, it can be invaluable to partner with an experienced HR consultant (or team of consultants) to ensure a seamless business transformation. At TPG HR Services our experienced team can help plan and implement an effective integration strategy that accounts for all the possible pitfalls that can disrupt, obstruct or interrupt this process. Our specialists have overseen dozens of successful mergers and acquisitions and will work with you to create a step-by-step blueprint for success. In many cases, we can even begin working on your integration strategy during the due diligence phase of the merger or acquisition, ensuring a smoother assimilation and integration of employees and corporate policies.

Viewing HR as an Investment, not an Expense

Even if your company’s internal team has the time, resources and expertise to take care of any one or all of the tasks or special projects listed above, it may still make sense to work with the experienced consultants at TPG HR Services. That’s because a fresh, outside perspective on your HR policies and procedures can be one of the most valuable things you bring to any of these important HR areas at your organization. By bringing in a new and independent lens through which to view your current HR systems, you can gain invaluable insights into how you can alter the dynamics of your employee teams and maximize the potential of your workforce to meet the challenges of the future. Sometimes, all it takes to transform what seem like daunting or intractable workplace issues into positive engines for growth and change is a new way of looking at and analyzing how all the pieces fit together.

Overcoming Inertia to meet any Challenge

Let’s face it; we all get caught up in the mentality of “this is how it’s always been” from time to time and have difficulty stepping outside of ourselves and our positions to see a situation from a different angle or perspective. By working with an independent outside resource like the highly-skilled team of HR consultants at TPG HR Services, you can instantly overcome the sense of inertia that makes tackling any challenge much more difficult for those who are a part of the system involved. Our team can work with you to provide your staff with a new way of seeing and responding to any obstacles that stand in the way your company getting the most out of your employees. Whether it is working on a special project like an employee engagement survey or performance review system or simply conducting an overall audit of your HR systems and services – our HR consultants can give you the benefit of our expertise and fresh new perspective on any and all HR consulting work we do for your organization.


When you work with TPG HR Services you can count on us to take care of all the details of every project to which we are assigned. With over 30 years of HR experience and extensive training and expertise, our team of HR consultants can step in and quickly take charge of a wide range of HR-related issues, enabling you and your staff to focus on critical elements of your core business. In addition, our fresh, outside perspective can give you unique insights into the structure and function of your organization that can be easily missed by those working within it on a day-to-day basis.

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