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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

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Building a Strong & Committed Team


Your team is what continues to move your company forward. TPG HR Services USA can help you attract top professionals in your industry with out decades of staffing and talent acquisition experience. The time and financial cost involved with turnover can severely impact your organization’s bottom line. Investing in the services of a professional recruiter can counter potential setbacks by helping to populate your ranks with the best and the brightest.

A Strong Legacy of Recruitment Excellence

Among our full range of HR administrative services, recruitment has always been at the core of our capabilities. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes develop and grow their staff, enabling them to increase their profits and grow their operations. Our recruitment services are a perfect fit for companies that have an immediate need for personnel, but lack the time and the experience to oversee a full-scale recruitment effort.

Our Talent Acquisition Services Include:

  • Candidate interviewing
  • Job posting creation and placement
  • Candidate screening
  • Resume analysis
  • Reference, drug and background checks

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We also offer a full range of recruitment advertising services to help communicate your company’s culture and advertise for timely vacancies.

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