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Hot Desking vs Desk Hoteling: Which is the Better Hybrid Office Workplace Environment?

hot desking metaphor showing businesspeople playing office musical chairs

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies have transitioned to hybrid office workplace environments, and this shift seems likely to remain in place in some form even after the current health crisis has passed. Many of these hybrid work arrangements involve employees spending some of their time working remotely and some…

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Small Business HR Outsourcing

human resources outsourcing icon surrounded by icons representing the different HR services

Small business HR outsourcing has become an increasingly popular option for many small business owners due to a variety of reasons. First off, many small businesses don’t have the resources or expertise to recruit, train, and maintain a qualified in-house HR staff. Human resources outsourcing can enable small businesses to save money while still benefiting from the wide array of services that in the…

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Are You Sure You Know the Difference when Classifying Someone as your Employee vs. an Independent Contractor?

person reviewing worker classification IRS Form SS-8

Making a worker classification mistake when trying to determine if someone is an employee or a contractor can sometimes be both costly and time-consuming. At worst, it can result in expensive and resource-draining lawsuits or enforcement actions from the IRS and/or other government entities, and at best it may only impact staff morale and productivity.…

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How to do successful Virtual Employee Onboarding during COVID-19

businessman doing virtual employee onboarding through his laptop

Successful virtual employee onboarding has become the most crucial part of the hiring process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual employee onboarding has become a requirement for organizations that now rely on a partially or completely remote workforce. However, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic era have revealed that many companies are ill-prepared to conduct virtual…

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Why Should Businesses Choose Payroll Outsourcing?

businessperson completely overwhelmed with numbers flying everywhere around trying to figure out payroll

The importance of correctly managing employee payrolling, combined with the sheer complexity of state and federal regulations, has led many business owners and CEOs to choose payroll outsourcing. The reasons for payroll outsourcing usually vary depending on the company and workforce size. For many smaller businesses, the lack of resources to hire the necessary qualified and…

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HR Outsourcing Can Be Your Best Defense Against the Onslaught of New Government Regulations

listing of the variety of different hr regulations and compliance concerns

HR outsourcing, also known as HRO, can be a tremendous asset to many companies, enabling them to improve the “user experience” of their employees when they access Human Resources functions, enhance the quality and range of the employee payroll and benefits experience, and ensure the company’s compliance with critical workplace laws and regulations. For business owners, these positive features often come with…

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Overcome workforce challenges in a COVID World by Outsourcing HR Services for your Small Business

many different parts needed for small business hr

There may never be a better time than today to consider outsourcing HR Services for your small business as it emerges from COVID-related restrictions. To overcome all of the new rapidly changing workplace challenges, outsourcing HR services for your small business helps your company to survive and grow for the future. The following 10 tips from…

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