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Behavior-Based Employee Discipline vs Progressive Discipline

angry female boss berating young male employee

It’s the necessary evil that nearly every boss, manager, supervisor, and HR professional dreads: having to discipline an employee for tardiness, lack of productivity, or anything else. In an ideal world, no employee would ever do anything wrong or underperform; unfortunately, these things happen at all workplaces, making employee discipline an inevitability. Leading hr consultants…

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Too Much to Handle: The Plight of Today’s HR Professionals and the need for HR Consulting Services Provider

man stressed out with immense workload

As the field of human resources continues to evolve, so do the job descriptions of HR professionals. What began as just recruitment and personnel-based industry has exploded into a complex amalgamation of responsibilities, including compliance assistance, payroll administration, employee relations management, and an ever-growing list of other obligations. In today’s business world, the average human…

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