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Small Business HR Services

Small Business HR Services

Looking for a cost-effective way to become compliant with the latest HR laws and regulations?

For a small business HR services are a critical area of importance that often doesn’t get the attention and resources it deserves. Let’s face it; small businesses are almost always short on resources for any task. The very nature of a small business is that it finds creative ways to do more with less, sometimes outperforming its larger competitors through the innovation that this tension generates. When you have limited resources you have to make hard choices, and sometimes HR needs get pushed to the background. However, in a small business – where every employee’s contribution is critical to the company’s success and HR mistakes can torpedo the bottom line of the entire business – high quality HR services couldn’t be more important. At TPG HR Services we help our small business clients get the effective HR services they need even if they cannot afford to staff an in-house HR department.

Viewing HR as an Investment, not an Expense

One reason why HR often gets the “short end of the stick” is that small business owners often view it as an expense to be minimized rather than an investment that will yield dividends. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, almost every aspect of HR services (or the lack of them) has “ripple effects” throughout a small business that can contribute toward its success or its untimely demise. Investing in quality small business HR services can help you to maximize the potential of your smaller staff in a variety of different ways, helping you to make the most of your workforce and ensure that it is working in lock-step with your company’s vision and goals.

Looking for Customized HR Services That Are Tailored To Work The Way You Want?

It All Starts with Recruitment

When you are running a small business – by definition – you have a small workforce. Whether that means a handful of employees or dozens or more, each one has to be productive and “on the same page” for your business to succeed. For small businesses even one ill-fitting, unmotivated, or disgruntled employee can have devastating results on a company’s productivity and profitability. That’s why small businesses, even more than their larger counterparts, need to ensure that every one of their new hires has the right combination of skills, experience, and attitude to succeed in the position for which they are recruited. Fortunately for you, TPG HR Services has the recruitment expertise to help you identify and recruit the best talent for your specific small business, including qualities such as “culture fit” in our time-tested approach.

Getting Everyone Onboard

Many people view the employee onboarding process as simply a matter of getting forms signed and distributing a variety of paperwork to new employees. However, this focus on the tasks involved misses the big picture as to why onboarding is such a key element of effective small business HR services. When you have a small workforce, hiring a new employee is not a decision you take lightly. If you are bringing someone new onto your team, you typically need them to start working yesterday. You can’t afford any type of delay in the onboarding process to hold things up, and the assistance of a company like TPG HR Services can ensure that your new team member starts as quickly as possible. In addition, the onboarding process is an essential time to make sure that new staff “get the message” about your company’s expectations, values, and culture – enabling them to integrate seamlessly into your existing team and start producing results for your small business right away.

Keeping Skills Sharp

When you run a small business you have to constantly adapt to changing business conditions. In fact, one of the most cited benefits of small businesses is that they are nimble and agile enough to quickly respond to new business imperatives. However, as a small business you can’t always respond to new business requirements by bringing new staff members onboard who already have the skills and expertise you require. That means you have to rely on training and developing your current staff so that they can face new challenges on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, when you have the kind of lean and efficient staff that is typical of successful small businesses, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to devote to training for tomorrow’s challenges when you are focused on today’s. That’s where a partner like TPG HR Services can be so helpful. Our staff can help ensure that all of your team members stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their areas of expertise by focusing on your long-term training and development needs. This will help your team stay on the cutting-edge of their fields, ready to confront whatever new challenges come their way.


49% of CEOs are changing their talent strategy to focus on the leadership pipeline so that they can help attract, retain and engage the staff needed to remain relevant and competitive.

Source: Glassdoor


75% of workers say they would stay with an organization longer if their employer listens to and addresses their concerns.

Source: Ultimate Software

Retaining your Top Talent

Once you’ve found the best employees for your company’s workforce and invested in their training and development, losing them to the competition can be a devastating blow, particularly for a small business that relies on each employee filling a critical role in the organization. That’s why retention is an essential duty of Human Resources and one that TPG HR Services can offer you tremendous assistance with. Effective retention efforts hinge on a variety of factors, from concrete ones like competitive compensation and benefits to more “fuzzy” factors such as whether employees feel they are listened to and respected.

All of these things, however, require the attention of individuals who can “step back” from the immediate tasks at hand in running a successful small business to continually assess things like compensation and bonus structures, professional growth opportunities, employee communications, conflict resolution, and a range of other components of each employee’s experience at your business. As an outside entity, TPG HR Services is uniquely situated to do just that for your company, and our small business HR services in all of these areas can help to ensure that you hold onto the critical talent that is essential to your company’s success.

So, what is the solution? Fortunately for you, the small business HR services offered by TPG HR Services can ensure that your company is always on the right side of the compliance curve with an expert staff that is well-versed in all compliance issues. Our team stays on top of any changes to the regulatory environment as well as the latest best practices in the field to help you avoid the kind of costly compliance mistakes that can rapidly “snowball” into workforce- and profit-destroying disasters. When you partner with us you can rest easy, knowing that your small business is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Get the Best HR Partner for your Small Business

It should be clear by now that Human Resources is not an area where you should cut corners or “roll the dice” when it comes to your small business. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to recruit and assemble an entire team of HR professionals in-house. At TPG HR Services we’ve already built that team, and we are ready and willing to put them to work for your company. By relying on us to provide your small business HR services, you will always have a “right-sized” HR team who is highly qualified to deliver the top quality HR services that all companies need – in a way that small businesses can afford. At TPG HR Services we get it; we’re a small business ourselves. We know that small business can’t afford the extravagant “bells and whistles” that larger companies might consider, but we also know that you can’t afford to ignore the critically important function that HR can serve in your organization. HR is an essential investment that pays dividends in a variety of ways, and when you invest in TPG HR Services, we’ll deliver results to your small business over the short and long term.

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Your small business needs to get the most out of your workforce in order to remain productive and profitable.  We can provide the cost-effective HR services that every small business needs to succeed in today's highly competitive, global marketplace. Don’t waste another minute of your time trying to keep up with ever-changing HR rules and regulations; call us today at 732-917-6000.

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